#Guestpost | Workout Video by Nura of HerTribe

As part of our #LSgetsfit campaign, we're working with 3 wellness and fitness instructors to help you kick start your own fitness journey. Today  we have hertribe founder, Nura with her essential 10min work out that promises to perk you up! We all go through moments where we just feel so lethargic and lazy so we know how important it is to get up and get energized, Even if you feel overwhelmed, sneak in this short 10 min work out at least once a day so you can keep on with your spirits up for the rest of the day!

We also managed to catch up with her and got some tips for you.


If you only have 10 mins a day for a work out, what should you do?

A yoga flow consisting stretches and core exercises such as boat, bridge, planks, shoulder taps and plenty of squats!

If one wants to start her fitness journey, what type of work out do you recommend and how often ?

The first is always the most trying, so start small by setting aside 30 minutes of strength training at home or hiking outdoor followed by 1 hour progressively to 2 hours each week at a studio/gym which would fuel your motivation when you’re in the same room as likeminded souls. If you’ve been sedentary, go for workouts that sounds intriguing and at the same time targets your concerns to recover from illnesses - therapy or Yoga, to lose weight/tone up - try cardio (Dance/Zumba/Rhythmic cycling) and strength training (Barre/Yoga/Pilates), to build flexibility or improve fertility - try for stretch classes or Aerial Yoga. Rome isn’t build in a day, and so does your body, but as long as you’re committed and acknowledge that your body is a work of progress, every little time sweating it out works!

When I'm pregnant, how often should I work out?

Not all expectant women would have the luxury of time to commit to a prenatal class, but it’s essential to stay active throughout the pregnancy by taking a brisk walk 10 minute to 3 hours of endurance brisk walk once a week when they can. A pregnancy workout routine for comfort and easier childbirth should includes daily essentials of muscles lengthening and full range of motion such as butterfly pose, squat, low lunges and downward dog. While it’s important to stay active during her pregnancy, the expectant mom should be mindful of her maternal positioning too.

Thank you Nura of HerTribe for your time and space. You can also follow their Instagram for latest updates on their classes. They have an array of Aerial and Prenatal sessions. 

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Please email Hello@hertribe.sg or send a DM to their Instagram to quote before purchasing. 

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