#Guestpost | Basic Body Strength for Beginners by Ashy of The Faculty Sg

As part of our #LSgetsfit campaign, we're working with 3 wellness and fitness instructors to help you kick start your own fitness journey.

To cap off our three instructors is the amazing Ashy, the owner of The Faculty!  She shows us how in 10 mins, all you need for a good workout is just yourself and the LS Graphic Yoga Mat Towel. Ladies, you’ve stretched and released your tension, now it’s time to get toned and strong!

We also managed to catch up with her and got some tips for you.
faculty sg
1) If you only have 10 mins a day for a work out, what should you do?
If I only had 10 minutes to work out in a day I would listen to how my body is feeling at that moment and focus my workout on what I actually really need then. For example, I would usually incorporate pull-ups, push-ups, squats and core work in my usual training but if I am feeling tight and tired that day, I would instead switch to more relaxing passive stretches and prop-supported opening poses to unwind and re-calibrate my body. Listen to your body and do what works for you.

2) If one wants to start her fitness journey, what type of workout do you recommend and how often?
I would always recommend beginners to start out with bodyweight basics first such as the pull-up, push-up, squat/lunge and functional core training. They should also start to work on their flexibility and mobility. Starting out with 1-2x a week would be ideal, before increasing the intensity and frequency of their trainings once they progress and get more familiar with the movements.

3) What inspired you to open up The Faculty and do you have any advice for women who are hesitant about strength training?
I believe that yoga principles of mindfulness and surrender are the foundation that help strengthen the physical practice of Calisthenics skills and strength training, and I wanted to create a space that had that as the underlying belief. Our studio is different from many of the other studios out there because of this. I also wanted to create a safe space for women just starting out on their strength training where they can learn proper fitness, with emphasis on proper form and technique, so that they can get strong progressively. I teach a Ladies-only Strength-Basics class every Wednesday at 5.15pm to build a community of women who want to work on their strength.
faculty sg
Thank you Ashy of The Faculty Studio for your time and sharing the above useful tips. You can also follow her Instagram for more updates. 
Good news! They are now having a 3-Class Intro Pass for first-timers at $50! Check out their website for more details.
This is our last guest blog post for the #LSGetsfit campaign. You can view all videos on our previous blogs and click here to shop for our active wear collection.
We hope these video series has helped you start your fitness and wellness journey. You're never too late and like all the instructors have mentioned, consistency over quantity. Good luck!

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