Nur Travel Prayer Mat

Product image 1Nur Travel Prayer Mat
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Nur Travel Prayer Mat

Journey – our prayer mats collection, is a collaboration between Lully Selb and Bynfitri. Our Journey both serves as the inspiration behind the designs and celebrates how we met. From the journey of supportive customers to friends, we share a vision of running a business that allows us to stay home and appreciate motherhood. As Lully Selb is known for our unique modern aesthetics and Bynfitri is renowned for quality, modern prayer mats, naturally we decided to join forces to create this collection.

How we created it?

Journey is about our individual paths in our spiritual space. Inspired by the essence of Islam itself, this series conveys 3 key messages - Ilm (knowledge), Iman (Faith) and Nur (Light) through three distinctive designs. With the borders shutting down since the Covid-19 pandemic started, we turned to our past travels for inspiration and hope. The beautiful land of Turkey is the inspiration behind these prints that contrasts the Islamic architecture of mosques with the overall natural landscape of caves and hill captured by Selma (Lully Selb).

This design is inspired by the uniqueness of Turkish Mosques that are known for their famous hanging bulb lights. From the ancient times when mosques were first built in Anatolia, these bulb lights were hung right under the dome to brighten the space during the nights. They are so unique that most of the new mosques still use the same hanging bulb concept to light the way. This print is digitally designed.

About the mat:

Our travel prayer mat is soft, smooth and easy to fold. Though it is thin, it is not light and will not fly around when laid on the ground if you are praying outdoors. It folds nicely and comes with a limited edition pouch, making it portable and easy to carry around. 

Material: Microfiber Towel

Size: 52 X 105cm

Care Instructions:  Can be machine wash, for longer lifespan, handwash.

Regular price $29.00

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