Nude Sequins Beats
Nude Sequins Beats
Nude Sequins Beats

Nude Sequins Beats

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This Nude Sequins Beats Shawl is your next go to shawl. Partially nude and partially full print, you can style it in various ways. Think of this print as a digitalised version of sequins, you don't have to wear a sequined shawl to glam up!

How we created it?

We made use of digital tools like scanner and camera together with actual textures like sequins, paper cuts and painted foil pieces. It was a very experimental process which gave us fresh new prints that look futuristic, perfect for this collection. 

The Story

#thefuturerayaishere is our latest Eid collection which continues from last year's  Modern Malay Woman. That woman has evolved. She is forward thinking, innovative, go-getter and takes charge of her life. She lives in the moment, never forgetting her roots and is always forward thinking. She is the Future. She is Here.

Materials: Polyester Mixed Satin with matte finishing


Washing method: We recommend you to hand wash due to its delicacy. Otherwise, machine wash in laundry bag.