Mono Mountains

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Mono Mountains is an original painting done by NanC. Inspired by her travels, she chose this beautiful scenic place in Yun Nan, China as her main inspiration. 

In her own words, "I love the colourful collage of the winding rice fields that clung onto the mountains, these mountains looks just like giant spiral ice cream. Some like mirror with different shapes that reflect the sky into the water field. It is a rugged beauty, a breathtaking scenery that I want to embrace and breathe in all the air in front of me. It makes me feel calm and relax."

How we created it?

When we first saw her painting, we were blown away by the intricacy and details. Though the colours are vivid and strong, we wanted to focus on the layers of mountains and the textures of the trees. We turned it into a black and white piece with some highlights of the colours to make it wearable, subtle yet exciting. A must have print for monochrome artistic lovers out there!

Materials: Polyester Mixed Matt Satin


About the artist

NanC juggles between her multiple hats; a mom, educator, creator, artist, mentor and dreamer!  Coming with a wealth of experience from running her own business, travelled the world, and lived in Taiwan; her life and career revolves around art. 

She runs Seedztudio, an art studio for young children where they get to paint, draw, sculpt and many more. She also works with artists with special needs and even with her own daughter; dottedleafs who currently into sketching portraits. 

    Regular price $49.00

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