LS x Bok Loong - Super Trees

Product image 1LS x Bok Loong -  Super Trees
Product image 2LS x Bok Loong -  Super Trees
Product image 3LS x Bok Loong -  Super Trees
Product image 4LS x Bok Loong -  Super Trees

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This time round, we are working with a new artist; Bok Loong who loves to paint abstract shapes and lines. 

This series is a structural interpretation of SuperTress in Singapore. His mentor, Ocean G. who is also part of BE Kollective guided him in this painting. This artwork was featured for a special project “ Women for Climate Change. Organised by ATGAB, Seedztudio and BE Kollective.

How we created it?

Bok Loong's original work was made using acrlyic paints on canvas. The original colours were bold red, orange and blue. We wanted to make it a bit more soft and fresh, hence the colours were inspired by Peranakan homes along Katong area. 

Materials: Polyester Mixed Satin with matte finishing


**We will absorb the cost of production and marketing and 5% of sales of these shawls will go to Bok Loong, so spread the love and support our cause!

    Regular price $59.00

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