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Sarah Teng loves to go on nature walks with her camera every once in awhile. Every time she does so,there's always something that intrigues her like the shape, colour or patterns on a flower or leaf. She aims to translate this into her paintings and hopes that it sparks the same inspiration and joy for her viewers. For this particular painting, she made a stamp out of lotus root and referenced gingko leaves as they remain her favourite things to draw since they're so beautiful to look at in real life.

How we created it?

As Sarah's painting was soft with pastel colours and organic shapes, we added graphic elements and black to give it an edgier contrast.

Materials: Polyester Mixed Matt Satin


About the artist

Sarah Teng loves making things with her hands. She does lots of things: photography, painting, embroidery, paper crafts, fiber art and more! Creating sparks immense joy for Sarah and she'd love to share this light and love with you! You can view more of her work here

    Regular price $49.00

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