#selbsseries | My Feb Faves

Hey guys, since we've re launched our #LSFebFaves prints, I thought would be nice to get you inspired with what I have been inspired by. 

Today's a short and sweet blogpost where I'm gonna list my Feb Favs stuffs. Lets start with my favourite quotes I came across on Instagram. 

I recently learnt about this influencer; not sure if you follow flywithhaifa, she's got amazing videos. Many bloggers/influencers nowadays just post pretty pictures but she's got substance. Secretly wish Lully Selb can work with her. Love her bold style, her vision and her message she brings across through her creative videos. 

Being a creative, I constantly look for ideas and positive vibes. Scrolling through instagram can sometimes be demoralising when you look at others who put their shit together. So here's my pick on movement/collective that I totally love and wanna create too for our local community, insh'Allah!!

Last but not least, Im sure you guys have heard about the Late Karl Lagerfeld. Have always been in awe with works he's done for Chanel and Fendi, and its funny how now I feel like getting a Lagerfeld Bag. Sometimes they say, you only rise and be known when you leave behind a legacy. Makes me ponder for a little while, will I leave this world with a little contribution... 


Finally, our signature prints for #LSFebFaves is up for grabs. Save 20% when you subscribe as a VIP.  Happy shopping!




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