#Selbsseries | Interview with #LSS Nawal Haddad, founder of GLOWco

Hey guys, 

It's been an exciting week launching our latest collaboration #LSforGLOWco! Finally we see our prints on activewear, something we have been envisioning for many years. It wouldn't have been possible without a great team from GLOWco, and today we're getting to know the founder and the face of this amazing movement; Nawal Haddad. 

We actually interviewed her when we started our blog in 2006 so we decided to ask her the same questions (for fun and also to see if she has changed over the years).

Lully selb x glowco

Tell us a little about yourself – how you got started to where you are now.

Her answer NOW:

Hello, I’m Nawal Alhaddad - Business owner and mum to a 2 year old boy. I started my career doing research in a science lab - and soon after realised it wasn’t for me =p

So I had this idea that women would appreciate fitness classes specifically tailored for them. Alhamdulillah that was exactly the group of people we’ve continued serving the last 4 years. Women were working out, feeling elated after each class - it was like finally they could express themselves freely, and most importantly in a judgement free environment.

Her answer THEN: 

I’m your next door, big jungle-curly-haired girl.I started out as a fitness instructor back in 2013. After about a year or so, I realised the business had a real market for muslim women. I began to understand their struggles of finding a fitness outlet, where they could express themselves without the worry of men around. So i expanded my network of instructors and focused on set intentions of creating a community for these women. When i got the hang of it, I began to build my clientele and started providing services to companies, schools and organizations.

• Describe your style sense/ Name your style icon

Her answer NOW:

I’ve had bad, bad style choices in the past (Maybe even now!). I like comfortable (#mumlife), yet vibrant - I almost never wear black =p Though, I admire style icons like Dina Tokio, or even local influencer and good friend - Dalilah Ismail. They can make anything work - I admire that.

Her answer THEN: 

Colour! I almost don’t own anything black. I love monochromes & asymmetrics.

• Who’s in your squad? (e.g. who keeps you inspired, motivated, sane)

Her answer NOW:

My NHFbabes, and my dear mum - Queen of that squad! All through the years, these women have taught me strength in more ways than one. They do it with grace, while wearing a million different hats everyday. Goes to show, we can be superheroes if we want to.

Her answer THEN: 

My husband - my male Cheerleader & my mum, for always supporting me (with her great cooking) in every single second of my life and in every single thing that i do.

Lully Selb x glowco

• 3 things people don’t know about you.

Her answer NOW:

1. I was in astronomy club (Nerd alert)
2. Coffee is life
3. I had to be convinced to join Instagram. Now, i depend on it more than ever.

Her answer THEN: 

1) No coffee, no carrying on with the day

2) I studied science & wanted to be a scientist

3) Combed my hair probably 10 times my entire life

• What is your number one ground rule for anyone who want to start a healthy lifestyle?

Her answer NOW:

Be real with yourself. Find a regime that you genuinely like. Never have fitness goals that are too far fetched. It doesn’t need to be strenuous or complicated, that way you’ll will most likely follow through.

Her answer THEN:

Find something EASY, be realistic and  never be over ambitious.. you’ll most likely follow through.

What’s your vision for GLOWco?

For a long time, I felt almost responsible for the women who enjoyed working out, but were always displeased with the way they looked doing it. Having modest activewear available for these women means they can be in better control of their body, health and wellbeing. I hope they feel not restricted by options of what to wear. I also hope modest activewear can be accepted as the new mainstream - where you work towards being more covered up, but you are liberated from every worry of not performing as a hijabi. That’s good enough for me :)

lully selb x glowco

What a great vision this young, bubbly girl has! We're sure gonna be doing more exciting projects together. If you wanna get to know her and the team better, (and meet us), we'd like to invite you to the official launch of GLOWco this coming 6th November. 

We have 2 pairs for the 11am slot where you can try Yoga session and 3 pairs for 3pm to 6pm if you wanna get your hands get creative at our workshop!

DM or email us @hey@lullyselb.com or whatsapp @93852142.



Lully selb x GLOWco

lully selb x glowco x nawal haddad fitness

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