#Selbsseries I throwback to Abu Dhabi trip

A couple of years back, my best friend, Hanisah and I decided to make a trip to UAE. She has been one of my travelling buddies and its been a while since we went abroad together. The main reason I wanted to see UAE was because I heard so much about the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa located in Dubai and of course all the fancy dining which is halal. Coincidentally Hanisah's brother has just moved to Dubai for work with his family and she wanted to pay them a visit. At the very last minute, someone wants to follow us and being mommy's boy, he got to come along with me. The person is my bro!

Prior to this trip, we went to Phuket for diving and we met an Emirati family during one of the day adventure tours. After Phuket, the family of 5 headed to Singapore and we hosted them for a day. I remember how we almost didn't meet them. On the day that we're supposed to take them out, I couldn't reach out to them ( phones no credit and such ) but I was being told the day before that they were heading to Sentosa. Hanisah and I decided to just head there and see if we'd bump into them and TRUE ENOUGH, we did at Harbour Front Mrt. This is one of us those situation where they say; if its meant to be, its meant to be.  We spent the rest of the day out with them to the tourist-y spots.

Back to our trip; we headed to UAE towards the end of the year 2014 and spent new years at Dubai. We were so fortunate to have the Emirati family host us at their place in Abu Dhabi for a few days and I must say that their hospitality is TIP TOP. When we reached their home, we were greeted with tea, nuts, dates and sweets followed by local home cooked dinner served in a big plate. Super yummy. I really miss it.  

The next few days were spent exploring Abu Dhabi. The highlight for me has to be the desert and the grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Its one of the most beautiful mosques I've seen and I found out that some parts were made of real gold. Extravagant !

Pictures speak a thousand words, I shall not say more. 

Being hosted by a local family, we got to experience how they live and play. This 4 wheel drive is something they do during their free time. Like how we'd go to the beach and chill or cycle. Fyi, this photo is me posing, it was too dangerous to drive around the desert if you don't have experience. And of course, a jump shot is mandatory.


Btw, this 8 year old boy took me for a ride. He's awesome, so brave and really knows his way at the desert. Thank you Mansoor ( he is the youngest in the family.), till we meet again.

*Can't post much of the family as the ladies do not post their photos on social media. Part of their culture. I miss them all, Sheikha, Maitha and their lovely Mom. 

**There's so much more to talk about Abu Dhabi and Dubai, but I'll save it for another blogpost perhaps. 




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