#Selbsseries I 3 easy ways to create a Geometry pattern

Geometry patterns were the main inspiration behind the Lully Selb X Adlina Anis collaboration. While we were designing the prints for her hijabs, we went crazy and explored all the different types of patterns. There are lots of resources on the internet and books, but after doing further research, I realised that Geometry patterns are all about shapes, symmetry and points of intersection. In today's Selbsseries blogpost, I have picked out 3 easy ways to create your first Geometry Pattern. 

1) Using a compass, pen and ruler. 

Video by Lex Wilson

2) Using a spiropgraph set - This is super easy !

Video by Lully Selb

3) Step by step photos for those who aint feeling the video! Again, you'll need compass, pencil, eraser ( you'll need to erase some lines along the way) and ruler.

 Lully Selb Geo Art

Happy experimenting these patterns. Its kinda therapeutic when you have some alone time.

Also, do check out our Geometricity collection with Adlina Anis! Limited pieces left.



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