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Hey guys, thanks for taking time to read our weekly blogposts. This is a space where we share our design process, behind the scenes, our ups and downs in building the brand and at times, sharing our personal moments that are meaningful. Oh speaking of which, my baby is turning 1 next week! 
lully selb
It’s been 3 years sticking through Lully Selb and I must say, we’re humbled and proud at how far we’ve come along. It didn’t happen over night and it was sheer hard work and the 'not giving up' mindset. We did it coz we always have each other’s back and a great group of loyal friends who would help us along the way. There’s a lot of talk about women supporting women and I think it’s important to go with this notion because seriously guys, I feel like only a woman can understand another woman, right? 
lully selb
lully selb
lully selb
lully selb
In this light, I think it’s time we wanna spread this positivity and we really wanna share our success and unsuccessful stories to inspire you guys. We wanna be open and tell you what we did right (like how we ended up at Forbes and Buckingham palace) Alhamdulillah and what went really bad ( finance issues and over stocking and poor sales ).
Lully Selb
Lully Selb
Lully selb
Sometimes I wonder how and why deserve to be in such places. We don’t own a boutique Nor a big team to run the show. We don’t have a proper office, we used to co work and now that I have Iman, I’m working from home. We don’t have that much resources and funding. 
But you know what, technology has made it all possible. Thanks to the world of social media, our prints have gone around the world. Yassss!
lully selb doha
lully selb
lully selb
We’ve been thinking hard about rolling out a workshop on how we’ve used Instagram to create our #lullyselbsquad. We know it’s lonely and depressing to try and turn your passion into business but guys, it’s very possible. 
On this note, I would like to open my humble home, (bedok area) on 22nd October, Monday, 2pm to 4pm exclusively to 6 of you to share with our learnings.

Who this is intended for:

- Aspiring entrepreneur
- Fashion entrepreneur
- Student who is eager to learn how to build a build an online business 
- Budget conscious entrepreneur 

*If you're on a tight budget or stuck in your social media marketing, this workshop is for you*

Outline of How to build your brand through Instagram 

1) Lully Selb's Milestones and Setbacks
2) Where and how do I start 
3) Creating your brand identity 
4) Translating brand identity to content pillars and visuals 
5) User friendly apps to work on Instagram 
6) Action plan for your brand 
Your Investment - $79

DM us or Hit me at 93852142.

Can't wait to have you guys!




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