#Selbsseries | My journey with Jie Wei, our #LSwith you artist

Hey guys, firstly, thank you so much for getting our latest #LSwithyou prints. They are almost sold out! 

lully selb

As you  know, this time round we have 2 new artists; Jie Wei and Bok Loong who each have their own challenges and disabilities. 

lully selb

Today, I'd like to share with you more about how I met Jie Wei and a little bit more about her. Was so difficult to ask her questions so I had to keep the interview simple and not too stressful. 

I was introduced to her when I was working with my art collective, BE where we were asked to coach a budding artist and produce artworks for an exhibition. The theme was Locality, Memories, Reconstruction. I also found out that she loves to do batik painting so my first thought was - ok lets just do batik since its local too. 

lully selb

But I didn't wanna settle for typical stuff. So I brainstormed further and was thinking of doing about minority communities (coz i'm one, hehe). I just had this vision of... what about tiles on batik, different types of tiles we can find in Singapore. And then I recalled walking around Joo Chiat area where I grew up at. So many beautiful Peranakan Houses with such gorgeous colours and tiles. 

Ta-da! Peranakan tiles + Batik sounded like a fresh mix of colours and textures, so my kinda thing. 

We did many rounds of practice, painted over 20 pieces of tiles with batik. (Bare in mind each batik piece takes hours to do, from drawing, to jganting to painting).

lully selb

I'm so glad that Jie Wei is so patient to keep making the works better. On the day of the exhibition, I remember seeing her smile so widely when her works her hung up. Poor girl got a bit panicked when there were so many people especially when the GOH Mdm Rahayu came to our wall to see her works. 

lully selb

Lully selb

I sincerely hope you can continue to support her as she really wishes to be an artist one. Despite her learning difficulties, she manage odd jobs to help her family with the finance. She found her passion in batik and has ever since tried to master the art form. 

As for me, I'm so glad we sold some paintings together and despite the crazy year I had last year, I managed to set aside time to grow with someone like her. Besides growing my baby Iman, this was probably one of the most meaningful thing I did last year.

On the day of the photoshoot, when I first showed her the shawl, she went, "wow, i like this. How much is it?" I said, "Thats good, don't worry, I'll pass you one." That moment for me was so lovely.

lully selb

If you want to grab one of her paintings, these are the ones thats left. They range from $100 to $350. 50% of proceeds goes back to Jie Wei. Whatsapp me directly at 93852142.

lully selb peranakan

lully selb peranakan

Lully selb peranakan

lully selb peranakan

Thank you and here's the link to grab all our latest prints from #LSwithyou. We even got coasters with her prints. Go check them out.


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