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Every July, I get excited about how to celebrate my birthday with Lully Selb because my other half shares the same birthday month. Mine is on the 3rd and Lully's on the 4th. For the past few years, we have been launching limited edition Graphic Shawl colours as a yearly tradition for our VIP club members. To date, we probably have more than 10 colours! Here is a little recap. 

graphic shawl

Since 2020 is turning out different from our expectation, we thought of doing something totally new too. Instead of creating more Graphic Colours, we want to bring back our first capsule collection which comprises of Dress Shirt. The Drip Dress Shirt is the no 1 style piece that every LS girl must have. I have been wearing mine since day 1 and now on the 5th year, it has finally worn out and I cannot wait to get a fresh new piece for myself. Here's a throwback to our first photoshoot.

 lully selb shirt


Besides the founders birthday collection, team LS has asked me to also start a new personal tradition. I thought for some time and wondered if I should do fund raising for the under privilege, or do an event for the community. Given the current Covid19 situation and many restrictions, I thought it would be best to do something in a small group. 

I also wanted something rather private and personal and hope to inspire other like-minded women to go out there and chase their dreams. At the crux of my philosophy, I feel like no matter how many hats we women wear, we should always have personal goals and a vision for OURSELVES. It is not selfish at all, because when feed your soul with the things you love, your heart is able to give more to those who matter. 

For me, doing good for myself is being able to run Lully Selb. No matter how much or how little we earn as a company, sitting down everyday for a couple of hours thinking of ideas and ways to improve the brand gives me that high. Of course, the first few years were tougher, but I can proudly say that with sheer hardwork and dedication, we hit our 5 years mark and its a BIG deal for me. I'm happy that I get to be home to see my children grow, while running the day to day operations and photoshoots for Lully Selb. That was my goal when I first started, and here I am seeing that the wishes and hopes I had before become my actual reality is both surreal and amazing.

monochrome shawl

So for my special Birthday Tradition that I'd like to start this year.... *Drum Rolls*

I'm opening my home studio to ONE of you for us to have a coffee chat and bounce ideas about your personal dream. You can ask me anything about the business, how we started, what are our failures, poor decisions we made or anything you are curious about. I will try to share as much as possible to help you figure out what you can do next. I understand that we may be in different stages but I'm open to sharing and hopefully inspire you to make that positive change.

terra terra shirt

If you hear yourself saying any of the lines below, I'm excited to meet you!

1) I have a passion project but I'm not sure if I can turn in into a business. 

2) I have a few ideas to start a business but not sure which is the right move.

3) I've started a brand online but I haven't gotten much sales.

4) I love fashion so much, should I start my own brand but how do I it?

5) I'm a mother and have chosen to leave my career, is the a way I can start an online business?

At the end of the 2 hour chat, I hope you will walk out of my home having a clearer direction and actionable steps (Yes, I will love if you bring a notebook and write down points), and most importantly feel excited to start your journey. 

All you have to do is answer this set of questions. This will help me choose the most deserving one. Good luck ladies, looking forward to reading all your answers and finally meeting one of you!

PS: Since it's a 1 to 1 coffee chat, I'm flexible in terms of date and time so we both can plan together and see when is most suitable.

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