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Hello #LSSquad, 

This July, we're dedicating our blogposts to the founders of Lully Selb as we're celebrating our birthdays. Many of you may not know that, besides Lully and I, there is also another important member of the brand; Noorin. She is behind all the words you read and some of the graphics you see. She has been with us on and off throughout the growth of the brand. Let's just say she's the 3rd arm to the brand and yes, she is also a July baby. 

lully selb

Through this Founder's Birthday Blog Series or should I say LS Teams' Birthday, we each will answer questions about our birthdays, wishes, personal growth and struggles. I shall go first, hope you enjoy them. 

- Selb

1) Tell us a bit about yourself and something we don't know about you.

I'm Selma, the co founder of Lully Selb. I oversee almost everything, from strategies, design, marketing, operation, sales and finance. Besides wearing the CEO hat, I am a mom of 3 children under the ages of 4. Iman, 3+ Suleiman 18months and my newborn, Osman is 3 months old. 


I'm now juggling motherhood and running the brand from home and everyday is a real struggle. I'm always optimistic in doing work when all the kids are sleeping but on most nights, I doze off together with them. 

Something you may not know about me... Prior to kids and husband, I used to dive a lot with my friends. One of the best diving spot for me is Andaman Sea, near Krabi island. And I still remember clearly when I did a live on board tour meaning you live in a boat for 2 nights and dive during the daytime. It was one of the best times of my early adulthood and though I cannot imagine doing it again, I really miss the carefree days. 

2) How has working for Lully Selb changed you?

I definitely have matured together with the brand, both professionally and personally. Simple things like not being so camera shy anymore and more adaptable on a day to day basis. I was also a very timid girl and now I have to be brave and keep standing up for what I believe in in terms of pushing ideas for the brand.

Running Lully Selb has taught me many things in life. Although there were some very expensive lessons learnt, the brand has also reminded me to not to forget the inner child in me. A lot of the decisions I make here are based on logic, but I also realised that instincts and being spontaneous are very important behaviours too.

One thing for sure, being your own boss has made me a more disciplined person.   

3) What is you dream birthday celebration?

The 25 year old me would ask for a beach picnic with lots of delicious home made pastries and desserts. Now I just want a day off from mummy duties, be it picnic or stay in bed!

On my birthday weekend, I attempted a date night with my newborn and husband and totally failed at it. He kept waking up at the sound of coffee machines! So yes, next year its a ME time kind of birthday.


4) What is your wish this year?

To always have the strength, patience and wisdom to juggle motherhood and business. 

printed shawl

5) What's your biggest challenge these past months as the pandemic continues?

From end 2019 when covid started till now, I gave birth to 2 babies. Caring for newborns is challenging on its own but with the pandemic, I think it just adds to the general anxiety. My husband and I love to travel and explore new places with the kids so when that privilege is taken away, we feel sad and lost. But I'm so so blessed to be surrounded by a strong support system; a very helpful helper, family and mummy friends whom I can just call for help. This past year or so, I've discovered so many beautiful places in Singapore and with all the ever changing restrictions, I keep telling myself to always find a way out. This sounds so silly but I really love that everywhere is always empty, and theres enough space for everyone. 


gardens by the bay


In terms of running Lully Selb, it has been rather challenging. Due to covid, behaviour patterns have changed and we have to constantly think of new ideas. Juggling business and motherhood is not and will never be easy but I'm learning each day and that's most important.  

6) What is your favourite piece from the Founders Birthday collection?

I'm a very practical person, so something that I know will match all my clothings. I pick the Slate grey shawl.

lully selb

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