White Momento Shawl

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Momento: the theme of our collection explores the way we choose to remember and recollect our memories. Happy, sad, tragic or meaningful; everyone has our own version of the past that stays with us.

White Momento captures the lighter shades of pink and blue with an emphasis of white; creating a soft, light and airy look.

"When I painted this, I wanted to express the memories that are forgotten. White to me is a clear blank space; while the Colours are light and dusty, giving me the feeling of fading away.” – Lully

This hand illustrated shawl is perfect for those who want to add character and depth to their Pastel wardrobe! Background : Our Eid 17' collection ' Momento' is inspired by our paintings that were featured in BE exhibition to raise funds and awareness for elderly with dementia. The theme for the showcase was ' Forgotten Memories ' where each artist expressed their own version of memories.

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