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Sun and Moon is an original painting done by Elaine Pang. Inspired by her love for the beach, she chose the sun as the main element for this artwork. 

With her graphic style, she drew many types of sun; playing around with the circular shapes and rays. When asked why she added the moon to her painting; "The day won't happen without night and vice versa. To me, it comes together."

How we created it?

As her painting is filled with a lot of shapes, lines and dots, we left a big "breathing space" so as to not clutter the printed shawl when being worn. The borders are opposites, one busy with lots of patterns and the other side just simple dots; just like the contrast of day and night.

Materials: Polyester Mixed Matt Satin


About the artist

Elaine Pang is an art educator by day and artist cum crafter at night. Her passion drives her to work through the week, with a day break where she heads down to the beach to sun tan. 

She is the designer and founder of Atgab; a line of accessories and bags; handmade by her from scratch. Check out her collection here


    Regular price $49.00

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