LS x Sijun - Bright & Sunny Shawl

Product image 1LS x Sijun - Bright & Sunny Shawl
Product image 2LS x Sijun - Bright & Sunny Shawl
Product image 3LS x Sijun - Bright & Sunny Shawl
Product image 4LS x Sijun - Bright & Sunny Shawl
Product image 5LS x Sijun - Bright & Sunny Shawl
Product image 6LS x Sijun - Bright & Sunny Shawl

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Lully Selb X Sijun is  our latest collabaration with a social cause. Leong Sijun is a highly talented special needs youth and we are honoured to work on his original paintings to create this line of shawls. Inspired by the love for nature, he created beautiful paintings that depict living habitats for animals which we then transformed into patterns for our shawls.

While doing his first painting, his art teacher, Nancy asked him about what he wanted to create. He candidly replied, "beetles... home for the beetles." He then continued to create a series of different homes for animals. 

This painting "Bright and Sunny" depicts the cheerful environment that Sijun loves. No animals for this one, just purely admiring the beauty of nature. 

How we created it?

This Bright and Sunny scenery painting is already very beautiful and do not need any further transformation. Instead, we extended the painting using vectors. From afar, it looks as if its one complete painted image. However if you were to observe closely, there is complementary contrast of vectors surrounding Sijun's painterly strokes to further enhance his work. 

Materials: Polyester Mixed Satin with matte finishing


**We will absorb the cost of production and 5% of sales of these shawls will go to Sijun, so spread the love and support our cause!

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