LS x Shalom - Mountains

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Product image 2LS x Shalom - Mountains
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#LSwithyou is a social campaign to create awareness of artists with special needs. Shalom, 21, our latest collaborator presents a series of landscape paintings.

Six months back when he started art lessons at Seedz Studio, he explored many different types of landscapes using various art mediums. Through his practice, his art teachers discovered that chinese ink brings out his expression into beautiful strokes and textures. 

This Mountains print is abstract and with a touch of gold and deep blue tones, its a perfect piece for a crazy creative asian look!

How we created it?

Shalom's mountains is just gorgeous by itself and needed very little design work. We added the orangey/red circle to give it an oriental finish.

*All strokes, patterns and forms are his own handwork. 

Materials: Polyester Mixed Satin with matte finishing


**We will absorb the cost of production and marketing and 5% of sales of these shawls will go to Sijun, so spread the love and support our cause!

This is a pre-order item as its a limited edition series. Delivery is estimated to be early November.

    Regular price $59.00

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