Geo Zellige Onesie

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The Geo Zellige Onesie pays tribute to the Zellige design, which refers to mosaic tile work made from individually chiseled geometric tiles that is commonly seen in Moroccan architecture and design. The combination of octagons, stars, crosses and triangles is given a bold, abstract and modern twist.

The onesie gives full coverage when worn, and the prints have been carefully designed and arranged to ensure that it will look beautiful not only to the eye, but on the head.

The mint green used as the base colour of the Geo Zellige Onesie will add a new level of freshness to your wardrobe. A must have for every #lullyselbsquad!

About Lully Selb x Adlina Anis Collaboration

'Geometricity' presents a series of shawls created to celebrate the strengths of both designers. To express our shared passion for Islamic Architecture, we have designed 3 special prints based on this theme and translated them into Adlina Anis's signature styles; Onesie, Snood and Tri-shawl. To all our #lullyselbsquad that have been waiting for us to make some printed instant shawls, here's a limited edition piece for you!

Materials: Luxe Satin

Size: 200x72cm

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