Chiffon Flamingo

Product image 1Chiffon Flamingo
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Product image 3Chiffon Flamingo
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For the first time, Lully Selb is producing prints in soft, breathable chiffon fabric. 

Flamingo print as the name describes features our interpretation of flamingo, one of the worlds' beautiful bird with unique coloured feathers. Being water birds, they live in and around lagoons or lakes, making it a perfect icon for a resort print. 

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How we created it?

Using our signature geometry graphic lines, we infused it on some of the flamingos print that were hand drawn. Playfully position them all over because resort is all about relaxing and being cheerful! The colours reddish pink, blue and off white represent the bird and its habitat.

Materials: Polyester Mixed Chiffon 


Fun Fact

Flamingos embody the saying "you are what you eat." The pink and reddish colors of a flamingo's feathers come from eating pigments found in algae and invertebrates. 


    Regular price $49.00

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