Black Momento Shawl

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Momento: the theme of our collection explores the way we choose to remember and recollect our memories. Happy, sad, tragic or meaningful; everyone has our own version of the past that stays with us.

Black Momento captures colours that are both light and dark to contrast strongly with the black base.

"This piece is very close to heart because it's about memories that are stuck with me till today. The type of strokes, colours and patterns are vivid, clear and distinct ." – Lully

This abstract piece is beautifully painted for those who swear by darker shades in their wardrobe. Background : Our Eid 17' collection ' Momento' is Inspired by our paintings that were featured in BE exhibition to raise funds and awareness for elderly with dementia. The theme for the showcase was ' Forgotten Memories ' where each artist expressed their own version of memories.

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