Balik Kampung

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Balik Kampung is an original painting by Art Sam. Inspired by the saying "Old is gold", she chose the kampung village as a subject matter. Although she was unable to experience Singapore's kampung past, recreating the landscape through painting allows her to imagine a simpler time and not forget our rich history.

How we created it?

As her painting has such rich textures and colours, we contrasted it with a large clean space so as to not clutter the printed shawl when being worn. As a whimsical touch, we added our own interpretation of the kampung house created with minimalist shapes as a contrasting pattern. 

Materials: Polyester Mixed Matt Satin


About the artist

Sunarti Samat (also known as Art Sam) is a freelance art educator and practising artist, photography enthusiast and fond of disturbing her 92 years old grandmother.

A degree graduate from Lasalle in Fine Arts, she has been teaching in schools for 10 years with different mediums such as ceramics, batik, printmaking, drawing and etc. She finds it inspiring to teach and share her knowledge with the elderly and children with special needs to raise their curiosity and joy about Arts. For Art, it's not just about the final artwork but the process for her and her student.

    Regular price $49.00

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