FREE TRIAL Lully Selb Shawls

free shawl


Terms and Condition

  • Limited to first 30 customers. 
  • Only valid for orders in Singapore. Not applicable for worldwide shipping
  • One (1) shawl per customer. 
  • All you have to pay is the shipping fee is $3.90 which includes return mailer if you choose to return the shawl.
  • If you want to keep it, please make a payment via PayNow to 93852142 or do a bank transfer to POSB eCurrent Account; 707-103426, within 3 days upon receiving the shawl.
  • If it’s not right for you, return it to us by packing the shawl in the return polymailer, and simply drop it at any mailbox.
  • We have faith in our LS community. We offer this service so that you may try our shawls in the comfort of your own home and trust that you’ll honour your word by making payment if you choose to keep your shawl. We hope that you will continue to support our faith in creating beautiful designs for the LS community!