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Daun Koyak Koyak (2019) is the original commissioned artwork painted by Raudha Mahmud. Influenced by her study trip to Morocco, grandmother and best friend. 

With a mix of texture paste, each layer was painstakingly painted in with acrylic to create an almost photo-realistic depiction of each leaf against the methodological geometric tessellation. In her own words: "Islamic geometry emphasizes on manifesting the unseen at its very essence.  Im always looking for unconventional ways to translate that ideology in my painting and trying to convey the connection between the invisible, abstract, reality in the realm of creator and creation in a picture."  

How we created it?

As her painting has such rich textures and colours, we kept it simple with large clean space and shapes so as to not clutter the printed shawl when being worn and also provide different variations for the wearer to show off. 

Materials: Polyester Mixed Matt Satin


About the artist

Raudha Mahmud founder of Beautiful Arcs, first discovered Islamic Geometry in 2015 through her teacher, Dr Mubarak. From learning the book of Imam Al - Ghazali an 11th Century Islamic Scholar.  It led her to further her studies on Islamic geometry in Fez, Morocco in 2017. A study trip conducted by Adam Williamson and Richard Henry from Art of Islamic Pattern, London base educational Institute.

Since then, she continuously determined to create something new and find inspiration from her surroundings, nature and life itself, juxtaposing Islamic geometry essence and element in her painting style. Apart from creating commissioned work for her clients and she is passionate about nurturing young generation through art practices. She has been an art educator based in Singapore since 2017, conducting private art lessons and workshops for kids and adults and doing what she loves most, sharing and expressing the one thing close to her heart- ART.

    Regular price $49.00

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