Chiffon Cactus

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For the first time, Lully Selb is producing prints in soft, breathable chiffon fabric. 

Cactus print as the name describes features our interpretation of cactus, a plant that has unique shape and textures. Found in dry climate like the desert, the cactus is an icon rich with possibilities.

Picture a perfect pool resort party; ice cream, pineapples, fresh juice! This print has to be part of your outfit with your sunnies!

Together with Stailoz, an innovative Malaysian brand, we are bringing you high quality inners; click here and find out more. 

Add a shawl and an inner to enjoy 10% off.

Use code LSxStailoz at checkout.

How we created it?

As the cacti family comes in many variations, we got inspired to draw them with pencils and charcoal for the sketchy textures. We made the cacti Lully Selb-esque by adding hand drawn geometric lines and jagged black edges.

Materials: Polyester Mixed Chiffon 


Fun Fact

The largest type of cacti can grow to be 66 feet tall and weigh up to 4800 pounds. That’s as heavy as a car! (which is why we drew 1 huge cactus print).


    Regular price $49.00

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