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If Taylor Swift were to attend Lully Selb 1st Year Anniversary Party: Eid 2016 Collection, she might probably sing her hit song Blank Space but instead of ‘Space’, it’ll be ‘Canvas’ because Lully Selb has outdone itself, yet again, with their Eid 2016  – ‘BLNK CNVAS'!

With a mixture of fresh patterns, pastel colours and high fashion, Lully Selb took The Hive by storm as they hosted their Eid 2016 – ‘BLNK CNVAS’ showcase last Saturday, May 28th to celebrate their 1st year anniversary. Perhaps, ‘Muslimah Appreciation Week’ should be in May instead of April as Lully Selb fashion show will definitely wow the Muslimah fashion industry - highlighting that modest wear can be as bold & beautiful as the global fashion community & society.
The show was a welcome mix of modern and modest, backed by the stylish minds of hijabis (women who wear hijabs). Although it was just one walkthrough displaying a few varieties of outfits, the showcase received positive reviews from the audiences, including one from ‘Coco’ (Sharon Ismail) of Suria channel hit show, ‘Intern’.
The 150-strong attendees were able to experience the beauty, grace, and empowerment of both Muslim women and others who wanted to express their endeavour, support and love for high fashion modest wear.
Lully Selb designer, Salma Bamadhaj, spoke excitedly about the outcome of the show, “We're truly humbled by the overwhelming response. We've been working really hard to produce this anniversary collection and making sure that we reached out to all our customers and to those who have been showing interest in our works. It was just heartwarming to see the party full house. All the sleepless nights really paid off!”
The runway had multiple models walking in exclusively designed Muslimah Hari Raya attire – with flowing fabrics, mixture of elegant patterns and colours – a distinctive style that helped to further unify modest & edgy with a contemporary flair.
And this runway does show that beauty wasn’t just in the fashion. 

Fahimah Thalib, raved about her experience as a model in the show, being able to walk the runway feeling confident in both her culture, her femininity, and status as a hijabi, “It was so exciting for me to walk the runway for Lully Selb. I've seen the brand grown from its first collection to the current collection 'BLNK CNVAS'. The ladies have done such a wonderful job and I'm thrilled to do this walk for them knowing that the brand stands for the strong, modern, edgy and yet modest woman”
By mixing the classic & contemporary, they were able to break through any lingering doubts about the ability for hijabis to feel fashionable and or chic. The models exuded confidence, and seeing ladies appreciating it was a huge point of success for Lully Selb.
Huda, or fashionably known as Lully, also voiced of their inspiration and what ‘BLNK CNVAS’ showcase was about, “This party is a genuine showcase of creative expression. When asked about having a story or concept behind our collection, we decided to stay true to ourselves. Being fine art trained, I take pride in churning prints for every collection. We would like our customers to enjoy our prints as we won’t reproduce if a prints run out”.
Needless to say, I am proud for Lully Selb to do something as amazing as this, where everyone is appreciating the fashion behind it and they love it. It really embody my perception of Muslimah modest wear. Hopefully, with the introduction of more events like these for Singapore’s modest wear community at large, I hope it will not only strengthen confidence amongst hijabis but also to those who are willing to learn with an open mind about hijabi fashion!

To Lully Selb, a Happy 1st Birthday! bookuu wishes you more success and we are definitely looking forward to more refreshing collections. 
P.S Thank you to all who came for Lully Selb​ 1st Year Anniversary Party: Eid 2016 – 'BLNK CNVAS' showcase and also to support bookuu and other amazing brands such as The Turkish Cloth​, Pretty Awkward PastryMeem Clothings​ and FCC Singapore​!
bookuu would also like to thank Lully Selb for yet another amazing opportunity to collaborate on the goodie bags. We really hope the guests love it!

Photos courtesy of Lully Selb.

PS: It was Lully Selb's birthday in May, and this July is our founder's birthday month ! Click here to see what special treats they have for you! 

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