#Selbseries | Behind the White Dots Jacket

Ever since I wore the hijab, I always found it difficult to get the perfect white shirt. Being in a humid country and having to cover up head to toe, wearing white has always been ideal. But after wearing the hijab for almost 5 years, there was always something wrong about the white shirts I bought;

1) Too translucent

2) Bodice part is lined, but the sleeves are still translucent

3) So difficult to iron, and because its white, the crinkles are even more obvious. ( I was just ironing a white shirt I bought from Zara and it really ruined my morning, see photo below. )


4) A bit too coorperate looking

5) Doesn't cover my butt/thighs


So as part of our new line of Lully Selb Essentials, we have designed the perfect white top!

1) Not translucent - say bye to your inners!

2) Almost crinkle free - very little ironing needed

3) Subtle details like printed pockets and funky buttons ( we carefully matches the prints on the pocket with the black coral shawl!! )

4) Good coverage

5) Doubles up as jacket when you zip it up.




What say you? Get the white dots jacket and you'll never need to worry about grabbing a white top in the morning!

In Love with white,






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