#Selb Series | Sun, Sand and the Sea

If you've been following us closely, you know whats our next inspiration for our upcoming prints! Yes, we're going underwater! You must be wondering why underwater? Well, Lully and I were just looking at random #ootd and street fashion styles and we saw an interesting colour combination of blue tones and neutrals. And then we got this idea to go into the theme of "Blues and Nudes". We brainstormed and decided to break it up into further themes for each month, just so we can keep you on the toes and always have something new! Since I'm so dying for a beach holiday and when I think of blues, I see the beautiful sea, we decided to dig out my old travelogue of all my beach getaways. If you know me personally, I started diving a few years back and i just love love love the waters. So here's a list of my favourites beaches, not in any particular order coz each of them has its own charm!


1) Phuket, 2013 - My first LOB ( live on board ) experience. It was JUST amazing. We did on average 3 dives a day , all the way in Andaman Sea. It was like 6 hours ride into the deep sea.


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2) Pulau Perhentian, 2008 - This trip made me fall in love with the sea. My first time snorkelling and I saw baby sharks!!!



3) Tioman, 2014 - Simple Dive Trip!


Of course, when I was young, the only beach I was exposed to is East Coast Beach. I guess, that makes me appreciate the beautiful beaches around the world!

PS: Follow us on next week's Lully's List as she transforms my travelogue into Lully Selb Prints!!

Till my next beach holiday, 


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