#lullyslist | BE debut art exhibition

It was a busy afternoon when a group of art educators sat down and finishing art work preparation while some were having a brief training for the next art lesson. Someone just said, "Hey, let's have a group exhibition!"

After a few meetings of discussion and finalizing the theme, the exhibition's opening will be happening this Saturday, 7pm at Artistry Cafe!

Amongst the group there are artists and designers whose artworks will be portraying on 'Forgotten Memories'. 

The exhibition aims to create awareness and raise funds for the elderly living with Dementia. 

All sales of artworks and donations will go to New Horizon Centres- providing day care services for persons with Dementia. 

Do come at support the artists and their charity cause. Selb and I will be showcasing our artworks too. Guess which one is ours by looking at the work in progress pictures below!






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