#lullyslist | 2017 Resolutions

I met Selma for our weekly meeting yesterday and discussed about our plans for the upcoming year. The meeting was brief yet we both were able to throw good ideas  and we're excited for it! Albeit the busy year ahead, to keep me grounded, here are 3 of my new year resolutions!


 1) Make more art!

Be it good art or bad art, the process is very important for me; in terms of building my visual language. Make more art anyway! A conducive and quiet environment is needed for me to work on my creative juices. There are days when I dont't feel like going out just so I can take my time to produce prints for LullySelb. 

Just like the image below, I hold these moments sacred and time is never enough!


2) Stay inspired. 

There are also days when we are just simply tired and uninspired. However, inspiration can come any anytime when we least expect it. A few weekend ago, I went to Gallery and Co. at The National Gallery. It was my first visit. When you're there, pick any books and flip those pages! Below is one of my favourites!

Artwork- A Fleet of Boats in Indonesia, 1994 


3) Be patient and grateful. 

 We learnt alot planning events for the past year. From our annual LS party- Eid launch to focus group for a smaller and intimate launch; there's so much we can do! Selma and I are looking forward to our upcoming events! Nevertheless, we can make plans but Allah is the best of all planners.


This notebook with customized planner has been used well. This was an exclusive print and was given to a handful during our first party. If you fancy prints and notebooks, get our exclusive LullySelb x Bookuu 2017 notebooks here!




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