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I've been keeping on the downlow but since it's 3 days away, yes ladies..... I'm getting married!! So for the past weeks I've been juggling with wedding preparations, from the theme to the food, liaising with the different vendors and boy it's been crazy!

On top of that, we've been preparing for the launch of the new collection - Summer Shadows with a private event next week! There were definitely super stressful days but its always fun to plan the creative side of it. In today's SelbSeries, I'm revealing a little behind-the-scenes with 5 classy wedding themes that I was considering.


Blue and Gold

When you put these shades of colours together, they speak midnight glam and romance. Gorgeous colours but I feel like I'm too old for this. If it was 5 years ago, this would have been my theme!

Silver and White

When else can you deck yourself with silver full sequined dress except your wedding? This palette definitely brings out the little princess in you. Again, maybe I would have picked if I was getting married right after uni! 


Neutral Sparkle

There's something about neutral tones and weddings. It's classy, elegant and soothing. I love colours and anything bold but this palette is ultimate elegance. I'm keeping a close eye on the nude shades!


Vintage Rustic

This colour palette has a lot of character. I'm loved this so much that I picked up some elements for my own wedding – especially the rustic feel.


This is a perfect theme if you are doing an outdoor park wedding. Natural light, beautiful fresh shades of green and white tones, I almost wanna be in this picture. I love nature and lucky me – my actual wedding will be at a park ! YAY!


So there you go, with the combination of nudes, rustic and greenery, I imagine my wedding to be a dreamy day. Since it's all just visuals and ideas in my mind, I can't wait to see how the wedding planner has executed it into reality on the day itself!

Having said that, if you're reading this, please say a little prayer for me that all will go smoothly. Do look out on our Instagram for some updates on the wedding and (not forgetting) our Summer Shadows Collection !




Lots of Love,

Selma ( Selb )

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