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If February had a colour, it has to be red! With occasions like Chinese New Year and now Valentine's Day just around the corner, this week's Selb Series is a list of my favourite red #ootd.

Red is a very loud colour but there are a few simple tricks to wearing red: 

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1) Go all the way out : If you're bold and looking for something that puts you in the spotlight, deck yourself in a red suit or a red dress. 


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2) A red winter: Stay classy by adding a neutral tone such as off white or nude as they go very well with red.


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3) Subtle yet strong: If you're afraid of red, go with a black outfit and wrap a red shawl around. Trust me, you'll feel energised if you didnt get your beauty sleep the night before.


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4) Bold and Beautiful: The trick to looking coordinated when mixing other colors with red is to go with black and white. And if you're into prints, ditch those all red roses and go for a modern graphic pattern. 


So, enjoy the rest of February with the different shades of red. We're all guilty of putting on an all black outfit when we're running out of the door. Get yourself a new pair of red shoes or a red shawl and rock your #ootds like the one below. 

Remember, red is the colour of energy so recharge and go chase your dreams!

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Feeling all pumped up ( ! )

Selma ( Selb )

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