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As we welcome 2016, it's time to look back and remember the ups and downs of 2015. As for me, the best thing that happened was launching Lully Selb. Indeed it's been a crazy roller coaster ride, but every little moment was meant to happen – all for the better. Since then, I have been more observant and keep a closer look on what's in and out on the modest fashion scene. Across the globe, many young women are expressing themselves in different interesting ways and so I've picked up my favourite best looks for Modest Wear of 2015.

Best Modest Formal/Corperate Look @feeeya 

 Best Modest Maternity Look @dinatokio 

 Best Modest Traveling Look @vivyyusof

 Best Modest Party Look @ascia_akf

 Best Modest Overcoat Look @dalillahismail

Best Modest Casual Look @leenalghouti

Best Modest Street Look @thenooraurora

Looking forward to sharing more fashion tips, looks and styles in 2016 !

Happy New Year!

Selma ( Selb )


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