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I just got back from my honeymoon a week ago and everything was amazing. My husband and I explored some parts of California and flew in to Canada where we enjoyed the peace in the middle of their National Park. I shall blog more about the whole honeymoon adventure but for now, here's my favourite picks of artworks I came across while travelling. 


Venice Beach, Los Angeles

This side of LA is slightly more artistic, with a lot of buskers around, skaters and people just taking a stroll. I was told that as the day gets by, it gets more livelier but unfortunately didn't get to see it throughout the day as we had a flight to catch to Canada. Below are just some of my fav graffiti/street art walls that I happened to chance upon. 



San Francisco

This city has so much character and the area where we were staying is still up and coming. Hence, there are a lot of interesting walls, and obviously a different style from LA. Take a look!





We managed to spare some time to check out the de Young Museum. One gallery was dedicated to their local artists and these are my favourite picks. 



This 2D relief work mounted on the wall stretches about 3 metres in length and 2 metres in height. I was so intrigued by how the the artist, El Anatsui weaved all the aluminium and copper which he collected from discarded liquor bottles to express this textile-like installation; a fusion of his african roots and the issue of the global consumption.


I snapped these beautiful printmaking artworks for my partner Lully and because the subject is so interesting. And I cant help but to ponder the artist's wise words; " In the world of words, the imagination is one of the forces if nature."


This brilliant art installation was inspired a traumatic incident when a "Black" Church was burnt down. The Artist had collected the remaining ashes and woods and created this amazing sculpture that is suspended from the ceiling.


Check out this space as I shall share with you more gorgeous and scenic mind-blowing pictures from the trip. 

Missing the streets of San Fran, 



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