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#Selbsseries | My old treasures of Art

Hey Lully Selb Squad,  My parents have been busy lately packing to shift out of their place and week after week, they would call me to collect my old stuff. Ever since I have my own place last year, I always thought I have brought all my things over but apparently, I still have many old treasures mainly my art works. Just last week, my sisters and I gathered and looked through all of our works and we were so surprised to see drawings from our primary school days. This sketchbook particularly got my attention - Developing Prints! Look at how manual I did it, days before I was proficient in Photoshop. And I actually forgot that I enjoy the...

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#lullyslist| 3 events worth checking out this August

The long weekend has ended but nonetheless there are still many events happening this weekend onwards! Here are my top 3 choices! 1) BAYBEATS 17-19 Aug The annual alternative music event is back, celebrating its 15th years running at Esplanade. I remember going every year during my secondary school and tertiary days. Chasing bands performances from three different venues. The line up of bands this year is great, check it out here. I'm definitely catching the legendary surf punk band Force Vomit and other fresher rap talents like Yung Raja X Fariz Jabba. Enjoy this clip and you will know I what I mean.  2) Night Festival 17-25 August Picture Source: Night Festival  Stroll by the precinct of Bugis and City Hall over the...

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#Selbsseries | How Singaporean Are You?

Hey guys,  Are you ready to paint the town RED and WHITE? It's our nation's birthday and its time we find out how patriotic are we! We've gathered 5 REALLY simple questions, here you go!  Click here to start the quiz. Best part is if you score A1 for the quiz, you get a promo code for FREE DELIVERY of ANY purchase!  Good luck,  Selma  

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#Selbsseries | 3 everyday styles with Moody Graphic Shawls

Hey guys,  Doing styling content are really challenging these days coz of my baby girl, so excuse the not-so-fancy ootd walls. We literally went to my void deck=(. Thank god, the lighting was decent and the colours were captured well. Since the festive mood is over, I decided to do simple everyday looks to go with the latest Moody Graphic Shawls. I'm so happy you guys love the colours we chose because it was tough deciding on the right type of tone.  For this series, I styled the prints according to the colours.  Look 1 Fun way to get the deep green up and about is to match it with a pair of printed pants. Stick to green shades because you wouldn't...

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#lullyslist | 3 secrets about me and 3 things I regret not doing before 30!

I have just turned 30 years old on 4 July. What's good about it? Feeling grateful and blessed for everything that has happened. I'm at peace with myself. On a lighter note, here are 3 secrets about me and 3 things I regretted not doing before turning 30. Secret #1 I dreamt of becoming part of Beyonce's dancers and perform during her tours. Secret #2 My sense of balance is terrible. I think I can ride the bicycle, I'm just scared of littlest things like riding down the kerb. My most embarrassing moments during a school camp was when I shook the whole swinging bridge( high obstacle course) after stepping on 2 loose planks. I just couldn't stay still! Secret...

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