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Sijun & Friends at Singapore Fashion Runway- Fashion with a social cause.

Hey guys, I've finally recovered, well and rested from the busy Celebfest weekend. If you followed through our posts, our latest collaboration features Sijun, a special needs artist. Through his beautiful paintings, we created printed shawls together with matching bags done by Atgab. After months of preparation, singapore fashion runway had an event to showcase his works. Last Saturday was Sijun's big day! He was all calm and happy throughout the event. Here are some of the photos taken during the runway. There were booths for the designers and artists to showcase their creations. Sijun's original paintings which were customized into bags by Elaine of AtGab Inc garnered alot of attention. Most of it were sold! As for the shawls...

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#lullyslist | BTS for Lully Selb x Sijun & Friends

If you followed our postings on Instagram, I promised a behind-the-scenes of the process for Sijun's Bright and Sunny scenery shawl. Initially when I received photographs of his paintings, I was already in awe. How can I possible add anything to this painting? I wouldn't want to distort the beautiful landscape painting. Stretching the picture on Photoshop wouldn't do justice.So i figured to work around it! Yesss.  I had an idea to subtly expand his paintings. Instead of adding my painterly strokes, I decided to just expand the colours. Flat solid colors. From afar the image will look as one but a closer look, the contrast complements his painting! As I had to draft out my ideas, I chose Sakura's...

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