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#selbsseries | Up your style with #LSEssentials

Being a mom of 2 only means less time for myself. Although I must say that my baby number 2 has been real easy and I'm a lot calmer with this whole motherhood thing. Past few weeks, I'm slowly tuning back to work, doing photoshoots which forces me to put on some make up and be camera ready. Its nice to see myself not in homey clothes and looking like I'm just out of bed the whole day.   During one of the shoots, when my husband saw me in full make up and our new LSEssential shawl, he said to me - "Hey this is a fresh look, you look chic." I thought to myself for a moment - wow...

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#Selbsseries | Throwback to Lully Selb Founders' Birthday Party

Yes if you still don't know, my partner; Huda aka Lully and I share the same birthday month. Mine was on the 3rd and hers was 4th of July. Call it fate=) We had a blast birthday get together with our closed friends over the weekend and was very surprised to get not 1 but 2 birthday cakes! We planned it by ourselves and yet we got surprises, how lucky!  How it all started was when I asked Huda weeks back, ‘what shall we do this July for our birthday month? It’s our usual tradition to release limited edition shawls.’ We were thinking of creating new prints but we were really exhausted ( yes creating prints is NOT easy, AT ALL...

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