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Being a mom of 2 only means less time for myself. Although I must say that my baby number 2 has been real easy and I'm a lot calmer with this whole motherhood thing. Past few weeks, I'm slowly tuning back to work, doing photoshoots which forces me to put on some make up and be camera ready. Its nice to see myself not in homey clothes and looking like I'm just out of bed the whole day. 

 During one of the shoots, when my husband saw me in full make up and our new LSEssential shawl, he said to me - "Hey this is a fresh look, you look chic." I thought to myself for a moment - wow when was the last time he said something like that?

lully selb 
One of the reasons why we created this new product line LSEssentials is to allow women to look good despite our busy schedules. Whether you're a mom, a career woman or both, this line is designed for you. Since we started years ago, we have been designing prints from scratch - we draw, paint, do mark making, photograph, scan and many more techniques to create one of a kind print. No two shawls are the same and you definitely can't find a our prints elsewhere simply because it's hand illustrated by us.

We're also aware that not everyone knows or is confident to wear full printed shawls so this LSEssentials line is created for all beginner hijabis who wish to have a taste of Lully Selb. What makes this range even more appetizing is that each piece is priced at $29.

So what is the main difference between a $49 LS shawl and a $29 LS Essential shawl? One of the criteria of an LS Essential shawl is that it's basic, solid neutral colours with very minimal print. Our interpretation of minimal is in terms of aesthetic and the amount of printed areas. For example, this piece has print only at the borders instead of the whole shawl. 

This LS Essentials line is not just any ordinary basic line. The prints are adapted from previous artworks and collection which serves as a reminder of how far we've come. For this first series, we revisited one special milestone of our journey - which is the collection we brought to Doha. 'After Midnight' was all bright, neon graphic colours with bold patterns. While we were there we also were inspired by the geometry motifs seen on the architecture and created a collection when we came back called 'Summer Shadows.' You will see a minimalistic interpretation of these prints on our LSEssential line. 

It's a lovely and nostalgic process looking back and digging the old gems from the past. They say, old is gold and to move forward you'll have to look back from where you came from with gratitude. 

Thank you for reading my blog and I can't wait to up my style game with these LSEssentials. Launching on Monday - 10pm. 

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