#Selbsseries | The real reason why I started Lully Selb

First and foremost, I'd like to apologise as this blog comes 4 days late. I fell sick on Wednesday night and couldn't finish this piece in time to publish on my usual Thursday night. 

Anyway, my baby girl, Iman is 4 months plus now and I am just about to get the hang of things. I never knew there was so much to adjust, learn and adapt to the changes. I sometimes wonder whether motherhood is for me, or will I be happier just being a Wife or even a single lady trying to carve through her career. Though it was a natural progression for most women; single - career - marriage - kids - family etc, for me motherhood is another journey of discovering myself, challenging the norm and making a tiny contribution to this world. 

Rewind back to before I started Lully Selb, I was a freelance art educator, running from school to school, with my bag of art materials. At the start, I really enjoyed it, because I'm not stuck at one school and I get to see children from different backgrounds and Neighbourhood. ( Yes, your Neighbourhood kids are very different from your elite schools. ) But after 5 years of doing this ( plus training and developing the art curriculum ), I got so disturbed at the number of children with various types of issues: 
2) Austism
3) Anger management issue 
4) Rude and ill mannered
5) the type of vulgarities they use 
6) the type of families they come from ( dysfunctional, very broken etc.)

As I did my own research mainly by talking to their school teachers, my other Instructors and even to the kids themselves, I can't help but notice that many of these children actually need a lot of attention. Both Mommy and daddy are busy with work and they yearn for someone to love, care, teach and guide them. Some of them go back to an empty home, or have to stay back in a student care until their parents are done with work. There are many too, that are fortunate to have a caregiver; either their grandparents, a nanny or a maid. This on the other hand leads to another problem, them letting the kids do what they want which is hogging on the tv/iphone/ipad. Being parents in todays' times is really tough. If we don't work, who's gonna put the food on the table, pay off the bills and have a little fun with the kids? Depending soley on the husband can be taxing too with the increasing cost of living in Singapore. But if we let them be with other caregivers, it may not be the best for our kids. So what now?

lullyselb printed shawl
With all the above issues I discovered, I told myself that one day when I become a mother, I really hope I can be a stay home Mom and be there for my kids. At the same time, I'm a strong believer that women should be financially independent (of course Husband takes the lead) but we women shouldn't be fully dependent on our husbands. The most logical solution at that point of time was to run a home based business and with the help of technology, this is the way forward. Can't thank my lucky stars enough till today when my ex colleague now partner Huda aka Lully walked into our office and spoke to me about her dreams of having her own designs on shawls. It was very align to the type of business I wanted to do too, as I came from fashion background as well as a family of textile merchants! Shortly after that, we left the art company and started building our little dream. 

 Fast forward to today, we have come a long way and have since celebrated some major milestones with the most recent collaboration that was featured at the Buckingham palace! Here to see the video. It's been 3 years since we first launched Lully Selb and I'm so glad I decided to quit my very stable paying job for this. Everything is falling in place slowly although its way to early to tell if running a home based business and being a full time mom is THE solution to my worries on parenting. Honestly, I find it very tough to juggle work and Iman. I literally can only do 1 to 2 hours of work per day. The rest of the planning and thinking are done while breastfeeding, showering or playing with her. Thats a whole lot of MULTI TASKING. And the scary part is many of my friends are saying this is the easier stage as they haven't started walking or crawling! So I guess I'll update you guys again in a few months time if I'm coping. 

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for reading this, supporting our brand, wearing our shawls and believing in Lully Selb. 

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Till then baby Iman is crying now, 




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