#Selbsseries | The real deal of a Modern Woman

The past weeks have been extra exciting and challenging trying to plan everything to make sure our Eid Collection 2018 is a success. As many of you know, I am a stay home mom, taking care of my baby girl, Iman and running Lully Selb together with my partner. As I'm typing this, Iman is crying at the background, which means I will have to pause this and come back to it later. ( yes, this is my life every single day - doing things in small bites. )

I will have to make my blog posts short and concise or else I will not be able to publish it. 

Anyway, today I wanted to just share with you guys how crazy life has been with a baby. Seriously how do women get work done with a baby around right? Many people say and think that its almost impossible to do anything else, because basically taking care of a baby is A JOB in itself.

However, I would like put things in another perspective here. Every night I kept reflecting and thinking - "Crap, what have I done today?" I always have like a millions things to do eg ( reply emails, create content, write my blog, send out parcels,) on top of basic needs like ( bathe, eat, crap, stone ) and maintaining a decent home ( Vaccum, wash the dishes, laundry ). 

Do I manage to do everything in one day?


But, did I do what is priority?


When I think back to my pre-motherhood days, was I productive? Did I do more than what I am doing now? Did I achieve more back then?


Motherhood has forced me to be efficient, effective and quite productive I must say.

With technology, I make use of the time while breastfeeding to reply emails, or even think of ideas. When I play with Iman, I also try and think of work a little. In the showers, while cooking, mopping, my mind is constantly thinking of how to make Lully Selb work. 

That to me is the essence of a Modern Woman - We multi task like hell, we dictate what needs to be done within our means, we are independant, we seek progress and growth, we want to make meaning of what we do and create an impact to society. 

10 years ago, when you get married, either you become a housewife and a mom or you continue to work and send your kids to day care centre. Life is indeed simple. Of course, many of us still take that route too, and its perfectly great. But I am seeing a rise in women who create their own role and deal with things their way. 

This year while preparing for our Eid Collection, things were very different. 

1) I brought Iman to see my supplier, up and down the taxi in KL with bags of samples. 

2) Iman follows me to all pop up stores, in her pram I push her around when there is no one to attend to. Even to the toilet, she comes with me. ( thank god Malls are now kids friendly.) And when the shop gets busy, I swear to you, help just comes in. I had like random Makcik came " takpe, away layan customer dulu, cik tolong dokong anak. ( Nevermind you serve your customer first, I can carry your baby.) I used to like not like if when random strangers carry my baby, but its time TO LET GO. There's some magic when you learn to let go. 

3) During our photoshoot, fashion show, I had to bring Iman too. Was it crazy? Yes, but I think its an experience I'll never forget. 

Here's to the real deal of a Modern Woman. Let's celebrate each day. 

Please have a look at our The Modern Malay Woman Collection, its pure hard work and dedication plus managing Iman along the way.




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