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Hey Lully Selb Squad, 

My parents have been busy lately packing to shift out of their place and week after week, they would call me to collect my old stuff. Ever since I have my own place last year, I always thought I have brought all my things over but apparently, I still have many old treasures mainly my art works.

Just last week, my sisters and I gathered and looked through all of our works and we were so surprised to see drawings from our primary school days.

This sketchbook particularly got my attention - Developing Prints! Look at how manual I did it, days before I was proficient in Photoshop. And I actually forgot that I enjoy the process of creating prints as early as my teenage days. Always good to document!

Lully Selb

My sister and I had such a good laugh comparing works and boy, I was so into art at a very young age. I have so many art folios (remember the ones we did with van-gaurd sheet at the beginning of each year?), and sketchbooks with cut outs and drawings. My sister's exact words to me, " Ma, you are so free eh? Keep cutting and pasting and drawing!" *Ma is short for Selma*

Lets go down my art memory lane.

1) Temasek Primary School 

Lully Selb 

I recall that primary schools days were just about drawing topics like "my neighbourhood, national day, my friends" and as you can see they are mainly in crayons, colour pencils and markers. Top left are my favourite art folios! And look, me drawing cartoon and patterns!!! 

The strange thing about looking at these art folios is that I actually remember making them! From qeueing at the school bookshop to get the vangaurd sheet and drawing and folding into art folios. Memories....

 Lully Selb


2) Bedok Secondary School

I took Art as one of my O'level subject but this I shall blog another day. The photos below are just some of my favourite works. Again, pattern- making. 

Lully Selb


Lully Selb

Lully Selb


Besides art, I realised that I enjoyed "scrapbooking." I made so many journals and scrapbooks during my school holidays. Come to think of it, I was probably the few who did this. I mean - who does homework during holidays right?! I hope to compile them nicely one day and make it into a digital video. 

3) Temasek Polytechnic - Apparel Design School

If some of you didn't know, I took Apparel design and merchandising ( aka Fashion Design ). First few photos was from Figure Drawing class where were made to observe our hands, legs, body and so on. Looking at this, I'm kinda impressed with myself! Hehe. 

Lully Selb

Besides this, the rest of the modules were mainly about designing, sewing and textiles. And I have SO many sketchbooks - these are just a few. Seriously when I think back about my poly days, I spent a lot of time researching, printing photos, sketching and developing ideas. Sometimes I wished I could do that - fill up empty pages with my drawings but the reality of business is that we do not have the luxury of time. *To all design students out there, treasure and enjoy your school days!*

Lully Selb

Lully Selb

Lully Selb

Lully Selb

Lully Selb

If my mom didn't keep all these, I wouldn't have known that I started drawing at a very young age. Seeing how my art progressed over decades was quite heartwarming and I hope to show my kid(s) when they start their own exploration.

Makes me also think about how I really want to expose my kid(s) to not just art, but sports, outdoor activities, science, cooking, baking, history, language, dance, music and really let them find out where their passion lies. Coz for me, my mama made me realise that I was going to breathe the creative life. 

Thank you Mom,



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