#Selbsseries | Realities of travelling with a 4 month old baby

Last week, my husband had a work trip in KL for a couple of days and we joined him for the weekend to spend time with the family. It was a rather overwhelming week as I had my few 'first time' experiences, on the job training! 

1) Driving around with Iman 

2) Being home alone with Iman 

3) Taking the coach to KL with Iman ( plus my in laws )

So that Monday morning, Ibrahim headed to the airport and my adventure began. The first task was to drive to a work meeting, about 15 mins away from home, and Alhamdulillah it went well. I was a bit anxious but thank god she was occupied with her rattle and it kept her quiet throughout! Phew...

Next few days were very hectic as I had a few events and was driving around with Iman quite a bit. One of the drives were very long ( from Chinatown to Bedok ) and she kept crying and crying. After a good 15 mins of crying, she actually kept really quiet. Got me worried for a bit but when I parked my car and checked on her, she had been sleeping! Must be tired from all the crying. Note to self: Don't panic and trust Allah.

I was lucky that the nights were accompanied by at least a friend or my family and because Iman slept with me on my bed, she actually slept long and deep (as opposed to sleeping in her cot.)

Come Wednesday night, as soon as she slept, I had to clean the whole house before our departure the following morning. I then did some last minute packing and went to bed close to 1am. #mummylife. 

Our bus left sharp at 8.30am from Harbour Front and it was a comfortable, spacious coach. I was nervous at first, but Iman was quite calm ( not much crying) and in fact she slept almost throughout the journey. I could watch a movie and even have a meal. And I managed to pass her to my sister in law and her husband when I needed toilet breaks and "arm breaks". So yes, I'd say it was a smooth journey to KL. I guess babies are best when being carried; they just love to be cuddled in your arms. 

That night, my husband Ibrahim joined the rest of us and it was so nice to be reunited with him. Now we could take turns to carry little Iman. Never been so happy to see my husband, haha! The days in KL went so fast, eating, shopping, chilling but somehow I didn't manage to take ANY photos. I mean really ZERO photos. And thats the reality of travelling with a baby. Although I had my in laws, my hubby, her pram, her toys, but I just didn't manage to capture at moments. I was always busy. With what? I really don't know!

Only on the last day, I told Ibrahim; "Look I really have to do an ootd with this new shawl that I'm launching so please please help me with this one." So we went out slightly earlier and there you go, these are the only 6 photos I took outside KLCC before we had our last meal together with the family.

Me: Ok Ibrahim, lets try this background. 

lullyselb printed shawl

Me: Hmmm, abit to busy, can you crop a little more. 

Ibrahim: hmm ok ok...

lullyselb printed shawl

Me: How about the opposite wall..

Ibrahim: ok ok faster...

lullyselb printed shawl

Me:  Alamak, why you never tell me the lighting so harsh.

Ibrahim: I don't know dear, looks ok to me..

Me: Lets go back to the previous wall, but really crop me. I dont want those buildings.

lully selb printed shawl

Me: Ok not bad, not bad, try some more.

Ibrahim: Like what...

Me: Just the top half maybe..

lullyselb printed shawl

Me: The jacket and shawl looks too much la..

Ibrahim: Ya, why you match these 2 together?

Me: Experimenting la.... I change pose, try again.

lullyselb printed shawl

Me: I like, ok last few more...

Ibrahim: ok ok.. faster, Iman getting restless...

lullyselb printed shawl

Well, when you don't have a great Instagram husband ( though he tries so hard and I love him for that), you gotta be real quick and work your poses and catch the lighting and the backdrop. All the above in less than 15mins before the baby cranks up. Sometimes I wished I had experimented more before I gave birth and master my angle. But I think we did great, yes???

I'm sad that I didn't even get any family photo of our FIRST trip together but surely every moment will be remembered. From carrying the pram up and down the pavement at KL city, laying down at the hotel bed, making stupid faces in the mall just to calm Iman down and taking turns to eat are all photographed in my memory. To more adventures together and hopefully proper photos. 

Anyway guys, this beautiful shawl  'Crackle' is launching soooooon. Keep your eyes peeled!!




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