#Selbsseries - #LSxBynfitri Prayer Mats process

It's the last collection of the year and I am super excited to announce this collaboration with Bynfitri. I knew the founder Nadia, as a customer when she used to buy our shawls online. Soon we became friends after seeing each other at Lully Selb pop ups and we realised how much we have in common especially when it came to motherhood + hustling.


Some time middle this year during circuit breaker, I just thought of her and  decided to drop her a msg. Planted the idea of a potential collaboration and we both got so excited, we agreed and started the process right away. This is the beauty of building LS community; from customers to friends and now partners for our businesses. 

After an initial discussion at my home studio, team LS got busy and started the design process. We wanted something modern, clean but of course with the Lully Selb touch of boldness and uniqueness. It was tricky at first, because when you think prayer mats, you would want something clean and calm. We avoided all the crazy patterns we always did and focused on Islam and Islamic architecture as a starting point. 

With the borders shutting down since the Covid-19 pandemic started, I wanted to reminisce my most recent trip to Turkey. The beautiful, mystical land is the inspiration behind these prints that contrasts the Islamic architecture of mosques with the overall natural landscape of caves and hill. 




Here is the moodboard we started off with before diving into the designs. 


After the designs are done, we did samples and Bynfitri handled all the production and quality checks. It was such a breeze working with Nadia as she is always so prompt in replying msgs (despite being a mum of 3 with NO helper, hats off).

This collection comprises of 4 mats, 3 padded and 1 for travel. We wanted to convey the essence of Islam through these prints and came out with 3 key messages - Ilm (knowledge), Iman (Faith) and Nur (Light). 


This design is inspired by the uniquness of Turkish Mosques that are known for their famous hanging bulb lights. From the ancient times when mosques were first built in Anatolia, these bulb lights were hung right under the dome to brighten the space during the nights. They are so unique that most of the new mosques still use the same hanging bulb concept to light the way.

nur travel prayer mat




Besides the magnificent mosques, Turkey is also known for its interesting natural landscapes from water, caves and mountains. This design conveys as though one is peeping through a keyhole where a vast of knowledge awaits you.

ilm padded prayer mat

Comes with a matching Kids size.

ilm padded prayer mat


This print is a depiction of one continuously going forward and upward as though metaphorically climbing a mountain. We named this Faith, because in all that we do and in our daily routines, it is most important that we have ultimate faith in Allah to persevere with no matter how tough the path might be.

iman padded prayer mat

The padded prayer mats come with a pouch for easy storage or you can use the pouch for your own needs.


In all kids of design process, there are always many trials. Here are some of the colours and designs we tested that did not make the final cut ( there were more! ).


We're doing a special launch promo for first 50 purchases.

1) FREE DELIVERY (registered door to door mail)



Raising funds for Baby Rayyan

For first 50 mats sold, $5 is given to help Baby Rayyan who is suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. May Allah accept your deeds and increase your Ilm, Iman and Nur Ameen..

To know more about Baby Rayyan’s story and progress, please visit here.

Thank you #lullyselbsquad! To a better 2021!




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