#Selbsseries | How to rock Lully Selb Ink Flow printed shawl

It's been really busy these weeks with new launches and the most important event of the year our Eid show. I hope you've received our invites, coz if you haven't, do RSVP fast as we've got limited seats. Email or DM us directly at Instagram ya! Scroll down for the details. 

Anyway, we're launching one last print before we roll our the Eid Shawls!! *CANNOT WAIT* This Ink Flow Shawl is rather random, coz one afternoon while doing work, Huda and I were complaining about how we kept wearing our Graphic Shawl.

"I think we need another monochrome shawl Huda!" 

Huda got excited and experimented with some new medium, can check out her previous blogpost where she spoke about this new toy of hers!


We'll be launching this in a few days time, so here's a little tutorial. This is such a fun shawl to wear and videoing this tutorial was so easy (minus the fact that my baby was crying coz she thinks i'm going out). There are so many ways of wearing it, coz this print is an ART in itself. View it how you like it and wear it how you want it. Gonna be my new REPEAT shawl. Enjoy the tutorial guys. 




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