#Selbsseries | How to organise your printed shawls

Being forced to stay in for an extra 4 weeks was an inner calling to start decluttering my space. At the beginning of the Ramadhan (fasting month), I came out with a comprehensive schedule to declutter areas of my home, 1 day at a time. Starting from my master bedroom, to kids room, work room, storeroom and lastly the common areas; kitchen and hall. 

This week is my master bedroom and one of things to declutter is of course my wardrobe. I finally found a better way to organise my shawl. 99% of them are Lully Selb printed shawls. I noticed I always wear the same few shawls that I see whenever I open my wardrobe and get to wear the ones that are hidden behind. 

lully selb shawls

Here's what I did today.

1) Remove all shawls from my wardrobe and put aside those I don't want. (very painful process, coz i LOVE all my LS shawls.)

lully selb shawls

2) Refold them into thin strips to perfectly hang on these little hangers.  

3) Arrange them in the same colour schemes. 

lully selb shawls

lully selb shawls

lully selb shawls4) The same colour scheme goes onto 1 big hanger. This way, when I want to pick a  shawl for an outfit, I can take out that one big hanger and see the choices I have.  

lully selb shawls

Thats it. It was easier than I thought. 

lully selb shawls

I have to admit although I have a whole collection of Lully Selb shawls, there are a few that are on repeat mode. Obviously my go-to monochrome rack! 

Its our 5th Birthday this May and its timely to refresh my 5 all time fav LS Shawls!

1) Neon Black (our latest LSEssentials)

neon black

2) Mashed up Geometry Shawl (currently oos)

mashed up geometry

3) #LSwithyou LS X Sijun - Home for Beetles (our first collab with Artists with special needs. This shawl is no longer on our site, but you can see the new collabs here.)


4) Plant (now we have in chiffon, which is in stock.)

Plant shawl

5) Terra Terra (Restocking this!)

Terra Terra

Enjoy 20% till 10 May. (We never give 20% off for our shawls ever, so here is your chance!)

Plus additional 50% off Festive Wear. Just so you know, we're not going to produce anymore Eid collection in the future (going towards more lifestyle), so grab your last LS Baju Raya!

Stay home, stay safe and remember, Our Raya shall go on no matter what!




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