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2 days before my EDD, not sure if by the time you read this, I may be in labour. Feeling Super anxious as I play the waiting game of the arrival of my baby. On Top of that, I am doing as much work as I can like planning for the next 6 months of product launches, creating content and clearing all the admin paperwork.

This last one week I also spent time spring cleaning my home, took out all the baby stuff, cleaned Iman’s toys, took a trip to ikea for some last min shopping.

It was overwhelming.

Sometimes I find myself waking up from my bed and straight away going through the things I have to do in my head. And just where do I begin. I used to spend every Monday morning planning for the week and writing the to do lists in my journal but recently things got out of hand and I do miss the planning part. Though I get by the week, it is always good to have your tasks, appointments, important things written down. Oh how it feels good striking off each item on the list. 

Planning your week well and completing your tasks on time can be both physically and mentally draining. Especially with a toddler on hand, sometimes I feel so shagged in the middle of the day. I realised my energy levels got better when I do this one thing RIGHT - Drinking enough plain water. It’s so easy yet many of us don’t do it well. Being pregnant, this is really crucial because water helps to regulate so many things in your body, especially for baby. To help me keep track of my water intake, I drink from a bottle and carry it everywhere. I try to complete 3 rounds everyday - that is about 2 litres of water. 

Having said all that, I tried to also spend as much time with my closed family and friends these last few weeks. And of course making sure I spend quality time with Iman. A lot of my mummy friends had mentioned that when 2nd baby comes, we tend to forget our first born. The thought of it already makes me feel guilty knowing that the demands of newborn is challenging. I’m so Glad I took her to see her favourite show - Sesame Street, as they are celebrating their 50th anniversary. She was so so happy she got a picture with Elmo!

This year end holiday season, I pray that you’ll be in good health to spend time with your loved ones. Lets make the last lap of 2019 memorable and meaningful!


Editor's Note: At this point of publishing, Selma has just given birth to a healthy baby boy – congratulations!

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