#selbsseries | Counting down to the new motherhood

It felt just like yesterday when I found out I was pregnant with baby number 2. It was surreal, unexpected and overwhelming. My first trimester was dealing with a lot of nausea, 2nd trimester was easy breezy and now the last lap is getting heavier by the day. 

With all the physical pain and discomfort, I think mentally getting through this pregnancy while running the business is really tough. I remember once I found out I had conceived, I couldn't work as much and that really affected the sales and operations of Lully Selb.

My EDD (estimated delivery date) is 21 December , so technically I can give birth anytime which also means this may be my last blogpost for 2019. Here's a little recap of my year (just in case!).

To be honest, in terms of Lully Selb's growth, it didn't match my expectations as we went through tough times making some changes with our operations and systems. Change was needed, and it came with a hefty price. One of it was migrating our VIP Prints Collectors Club members to a better online system. It took a lot of effort and money to better serve our VIPs. Because of all the time and manpower invested in this, our daily operations was also affected. 

Having said that, I always try to celebrate small wins be it in my personal or work life. I'm so super proud that this year we've grown our inclusive creative community and supported them in making their works to prints.special needs artists

If you haven't read Lully's latest blog, we just had an Art opening with 22 artists as part of being in BE Kollective. It was such a rewarding moment, after a year of hard work, gathering these artists and producing artworks and merchandise (more than just shawls) with them. Check them out here. 

Also super proud that my art buddy Jie Wei (the one that did the peranakan series) is now commissioned to do paintings for Blue Ginger Restaurant. Huge batik pieces that we have been working on since July. 

 At this moment I'm just worried about the amount of work that I have to complete before I give birth and go on maternity leave. At the same time, I'm really treasuring all the small precious moments I have with Iman. I cannot believe that I will now have to give my love and attention to another human and not just her alone. Most of my mommy friends have mentioned that it's definitely a huge transition growing from 1 child to 2 children. I will miss being alone with Iman as she's been such a wonderful child – one that is perfect for me. It feels as if we're parting and I just want to spend as much time with her now.



While I know I'm going to enter a new journey full of challenges, I always believe in the saying that children are a blessing. And it's true for me, as when I gave birth to Iman, Lully Selb got picked up and showcased at Buckingham Palace for the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange

And now that Im going to give birth to baby number 2, here's some exciting news for you. *Drum rolls*

We've been selected by MCCY (Ministry of Community and Culture Youth) to design a limited edition shawl based on our National Anthem to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of our National Symbols. It is such an honour to be part of this 1959 campaign amongst other brands like Supermama!

Keep a look out these next few weeks as we reveal the story behind this print and we'll be doing a giveaway too!

Here's a little sneak peek. Pls pray for my smooth delivery and pls also support our last collection of #LSwithyou here. 





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