#selbsseries | 2020 Mantra

Since 2017, I’ve been visualising my resolution through words and penning them down as a point of reference.

In my first year practising this concept, the word I wrote was BREATHE. When I had that word in mind, I wanted it to remind myself to stay calm and Zen when Im going through something tough. And true enough, I breathed through the year coz I got hit with a very challenging pregnancy. Mommies out there, you would know how important it is to breathe out the pain we go through during pregnancy and labour and that kept me going for 9 months plus.  

In 2018, the word I chose was FOCUS. I wanted to focus on 2 things, my newborn as well as growing my vip club. And yes, I’m Super proud that 2018 I managed to put all my attention on those 2 things. 

Just last year, I was ambitious and had 3 words to visualise  - Grateful, Change and Grow. God has blessed me with a Son in 2019 and being a mama of 2; these 3 words come became even more meaningful. 

Does visualising your resolution or goals really important?


Will the things still happen to me even if I didn’t write those words?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Am I going to continue this tradition of writing my year mantra?


To me, every positive thing starts with a positive thought. If we want good things to happen, we have to start thinking well. Then comes all the effort and hard work. After going through 2 births, I truly understand the meaning of mind over body. Indeed our minds are so powerful, we can do so much with our bodies. 

I’d like to think 2020 will be exciting (though we started with hearing bad news of fires in Australia and the turmoil in Iran and Iraq), I am still full of hope. In the last decade, new innovations have changed the way we work and play. With Instagram, grab, air bnb all created in these last 10 years, I wonder what the future lies for us. I wonder really hard during my confinement on what I can do with Lully Selb to bring it to the next level, making our squad excited all the time. How am I going to cope now that I have another baby. At times I do think of taking things slow with my business while adjusting with my new motherhood. But deep down in me, I have this strong urge to grow the brand and continuously make improvements.

Now it’s time to picture a new word. The word that will drive up my 2020. Here is my primary list of words I came out with.

Pushing boundaries
Out of my comfort zone

Based on past years, I want to keep it focused and stick to 1 word or perhaps a phrase. 

*drum rolls*

My 2020 mantra is
Pushing Boundaries


The BIG NEWS for Lully Selb 
What this means to me is doing things differently this year. One of the biggest change we are going to make is to market the Lully Selb to mainstream audience. It is going to be a big shift as we started as a modest wear brand and our followers are mainly the modern malay muslimahs. But increasingly, we get customers from different background and personally I think it's about time we break the stereotype that a brand is only for a certain community. My personal mission is to make Lully Selb worn by both muslims and non muslims, making it a bridge for different communities of ladies to have a common identity. After all, Lully Selb prints  are for any women who believes in our story, cause and wants to look stylish, edgy and modern. 

Personal/family matters

I am going to make a conscious effort to make the best of my kids' developments. It is very tempting to send Iman (this year she turns 3) to a child care so I could get some work done plus ME time but that would go against my wish to spend more time with her. Its a constant battle in my mind when I find myself scrolling through the net for a suitable school. It is going to be challenging but I want to step out of my comfort zone and work around all our schedules. Nap times means I get to do work and instead of watching netflix every night, some of the time can be spent brainstorming for Lully Selb. I also want to look for meaningful, educational places/things to do with Iman and do up a schedule for her to be able to explore more.  

Dear 2019, you taught me that nothing is impossible, ended the year with a void deck birth. 

2020, may it be a year full of positive opportunities and outcomes while I push boundaries and try my very best.

PS: Loving our latest #LSLife Bottle with a quote that serves as a reminder to me!




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