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The first month of 2018 has been very kind to me and I was totally thrilled to have met this amazing girl I've been following for years! Yessss! Noor Tagouri was here in Singapore for a couple of days before heading to Yuna's wedding in KL and I managed to do lunch with her at Arab street. So for those of you who don't know, I just gave birth 3 months ago and never really gone out with my little one alone. I decided to do a trial outing the day before I met Noor, just to be sure I can handle Iman on the stroller in and out of the cab and so on. Alhamdulillah the practice went great and I was super excited to see her the next day. 


It was a rainy afternoon but that didn't stop me from leaving my place. Thank god for uber and my one hand stroller, I made it to Zam Zam in 1 piece with Iman. As the rain got heavier, we took our time with lunch, and talked about everything under the sun, travelling, wedding, Trump, fashion, food...  

Good News guys, Noor will be coming to Singapore again to meet all of you in April Insh'Allah. Do follow Crazycat for more updates coz you really don't wanna miss this. Meanwhile, here's a quick interview I had with this cheerful, bubbly girl.

1) What's the 3 must have in your handbag when you travel?
-vlog camera

2) Describe your sense of style. 
Definitely more street these days, thanks to my husband :) 
( Do check out Noor's husband; Adam's line of streetwear apparel. Hit it here. He's launching some new limited edition soon!! Super excited for that. )

3) If you were not a Journalist, what was the next option in line? 
I would probably be an author, I love love creative writing. But who knows -- maybe I'll get into that too ;) 

4) Describe Singapore food in 3 words.
Tasty. Fresh. Flavorful. 

5) TOP 3 things that you enjoyed most about Singapore.
KOPI + KAYA TOAST!! How beautiful and clean it is. The magical people. 

6) Were there any misconception you had about Singapore?
I honestly didn't know anything about Singapore before coming. I was definitely surprised to see how diverse it was, and didn't realize how young the country is.

7) A piece of advice for girls out there who wants to be you...

Whatever it is that you are "insecure" about --- whatever it is that makes you different, makes you, you, use it to your advantage. Make it a strength. Own it. That is what will make you relatable, and stronger at whatever you pursue. 
Lully Selb

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